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  • Meeting Extreme Calorie Requirements
  • Specially Formulated Fats for Leaner Results
  • Differing Calorie Levels
  • Convenient Creatine Inclusion
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Important information

Safety Information:

This product is only intended for healthy adults over the age of 18 years. This product does not claim to treat,cure or prevent any diseases. Please consult your dietician prior taking this product if you are pregnant,nursing or taking any medications. Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.


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Product description

1MD Nutrition presents PRO MASS GAINER, the perfect solution for meeting extreme calorie requirements and achieving your muscle gain goals. With over a thousand calories per shake, this mass gainer simplifies the process of reaching your daily calorie needs, especially for those aiming for 4000+ calories.

One significant benefit of using PRO MASS GAINER is its inclusion of specially formulated dietary fats. These fats help keep you lean while supporting the muscle-building process. The type of dietary fat you consume plays a crucial role in your body composition, making it essential to choose the right sources for optimal results.

PRO MASS GAINER offers versatile options to fit your routine. Choose from post-workout or daily varieties, utilizing them as meal replacements or as calorie-boosting additions to your existing meals. This flexibility allows you to tailor your intake based on your preferences and calorie goals.

With differing calorie levels available, PRO MASS GAINER ensures there’s an appropriate option for your specific needs. Match the calorie level to your requirements to support your muscle gain journey effectively.

To make your life easier, PRO MASS GAINER includes creatine, eliminating the need for a separate purchase. Creatine is vital for taking in a higher amount of quick-acting carbs, further enhancing your muscle-building efforts.

Additionally, PRO MASS GAINER features L-Glutamine, known for its role in promoting a healthy immune system. By supporting immune function, L-Glutamine helps reduce the risk of missing training sessions due to illness, enabling you to stay consistent with your workouts.

Choose 1MD Nutrition’s PRO MASS GAINER for an efficient solution to meet your extreme calorie requirements, support muscle growth, and aid in faster recovery. Fuel your progress, optimize your gains, and trust in the quality formulation of PRO MASS GAINER.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 cm

American ice-cream, Belgian Chocolate, Cafe Mocha


1.36 Kg / 3 Lbs, 3 Kg / 6.6 Lbs, 5 Kg / 11 Lbs

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2 reviews for 1MD Nutrition | Pro Mass Gainer | Weight Gainer
  1. Gopal

    For those who workout daily, provides the good amount of energy.

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  2. Shreyas Joshi

    Feels better & Energetic throughout the day

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