GNC | Triple Strength Fish Oil 1500mg | 540 mg EPA & 360 mg DHA | 120 Softgels


  • GNC omega 3 capsules support your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response for smooth functioning of joints, which in turn may alleviate your morning stiffness, joint pain, swelling, and discomfort caused by joint inflammation.
  • The EPA & DHA omegas 3s promote better contraction and relaxation of the cardiac muscles for improved heart function, resulting in improved circulation with proper amount of blood supplied to all your organs. Also, omegas 3s help prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • GNC Omega 3 fish oil optimizes cognitive performance and facilitates proper blood flow to the brain, driving better memory, sensory responses, and focus. It supports your learning efforts and may ward off age-based neurodegenerative disorders.
  • GNC Omega 3 capsules prevent your eyes from drying and protect your vision while reducing the risk of eye diseases.
  • GNC’s Omega 3 fish oil keeps your skin internally well moisturized without any topical cream application, leading to a natural glow perfectly expressing your inner beauty.

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