Myogenetix | Myodrol-HSP | 100% Natural Plant Isoflavone Extract | 30 Caplets


  • Helps Increase Muscle Size & Fullness
  • Helps Increase Explosive Strength & Anaerobic Threshold
  • Helps Increase Fat Burning
  • Helps Increase Protein Synthesis
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PRODUCT VIEW: Build rock hard muscle, increase strength & lose fat at the same time with ALL NEW MYODROL-HSP® 2020! 

Myodrol-HSP® takes is foundations from Hungarian discovery of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, a metabolic agent which can offer anabolic activities with no androgenic side effects as it comes under the category of non-hormonal anabolic / anti-catabolic compounds. These powerful flavones have been shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis, and improve overall recovery from exercise.


  • Massive Pump
  • Rapid Muscle Gain
  • Best Result In 30 Days
  • Powerful Formula

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