Ronnie Coleman | King Mass XXL | 6 Lbs / 2.71 Kg


  • Great Tasting Flavors that Mix Easily
  • Optimal muscle growth & recovery
  • Rapid absorption for faster recovery and quicker results
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About Ronnie Coleman King Mass

  • Super anabolic growth accelerator
  • 182 Gram carb matrix, 60 grams protein, 1030 calories, 44 king sized scoops, delicious milkshake taste, creatine and glutamine enhanced
  • Mass: In order for your muscles to grow you need to supply them with enough protein to get the job done
  • King Mass XL packs a massive 60g of protein per serving to help keep your muscles fed and in an anabolic state
  • Drinkability: Getting all of the quality calories you need in one shake without being able to slug it down just doesn’t cut it.

Additional information

Weight2.27 kg
Dimensions20 × 30 cm

Chocolate, Vanilla Cream

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Ronnie Coleman


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